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The TAB/Notation-page is under construction, but the VIDEO LESSONS-page is still active! If you have any questions regarding TAB/Notation, please contact me on the "contact"-page.

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"Many congratulations on how you have grown so beautifully as a musician.."  - Tommy Emmanuel

"Emil, you are killing me with your brilliant playing man." Adam Rafferty

"Emil, you're one of a kind!" - Eric Bibb

"Emil is one of the best guitar players I've heard come through the guitar department at Musicians Institute. He's one-of-a-kind and destined to be a well known player!" Carl Verheyen

Emil, Quit practicing.. you're going to put the rest of us out of work!” – Al Bonhomme (Award-winning GIT instructor and Country guitar picker extraordinaire.)

"....en utåtriktad virtuos med en i Sverige ovanlig musikalisk inriktning.." - Motivering för Unga Förmågors förstapris på ”Uppsala Internationella Gitarrfestival”.

”En musikant som med bländande skicklighet och teknik för den akustiska gitarrmusiken vidare till en ny bred publik” - Motivering för gitarrpriset "Guitar People's Prize - Up and Coming"