This is where you find all the instructional guitar videos! The lessons contains TABs and notation as well, and all the newer lessons have three camera angles, and are filmed in 4K!


Jingle Bells

This fingerstyle guitar arrangement of the iconic Christmas song "Jingle Bells" has a bit of everything! From classic Chet Atkins style fingerpicking to some beautiful jazz and blues lines and ideas. There's also some harp harmonic techniques included, and even a solo. A fun-to-play arrangement that puts a smile on everyones face this Christmas! Enjoy!


Silent Night (FREE)

Silent Night is probably the most famous Christmas melody ever written, and in this lesson we will go through step by step how to play it as a beautiful solo arrangement! With three different camera angles, 4K resolution and high sound quality, you will be able to see and hear everything Emil plays in this instructional video! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


Deck The Halls

The iconic Christmas Classic "Deck the Halls" is arranged with a swing feel and a moving bass line! Learn how to play the melody and the bass line at the same time, creating your own little swing band - with one guitar! This version even has a solo, and you'll learn some really nice jazz lines and many other ideas and techniques that is very useful for solo fingerstyle guitar! "Deck the Halls" will put a smile on everyones face this Christmas! Have fun!


Auld Lang Syne

The old Scottish melody "Auld Lang Syne" is often played around Christmas and New Years. You will learn how to play this beautiful melody together with some beautiful chords! This version is also a great display on the use of "harp harmonics" and how to use this technique in a solo guitar arrangement. With three different camera angles, 4K resolution and high sound quality, you will be able to see and hear everything Emil plays in this instructional video! Enjoy!


We Wish You A Merry Christmas

This wonderful solo guitar arrangement of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" is a wonderful display on how you can play a melody together with chords, and create your own little orchestra! Since this version doesn't have too many chords, it is a wonderful arrangement to start out with if you haven't played solo guitar before. Merry Christmas!


Open String Licks

Are you ready to learn some great lines and ideas to spice up your solos? In this lesson we're diving into the world of open string licks! Emil is teaching 48 different licks, and you’ll also get TAB/Notation for all the examples!


Improvisation level 1

In this 39 minute instructional guitar video, Emil walks you through the essential steps towards becoming a better improviser! We focus on the pentatonic scale (major, minor and blues) to get it under our fingers, so that we can move freely all over the guitar neck without getting lost. You'll get TAB and notation as well! Let's jam!


Harp Harmonics

In this 25 minute video lesson, Emil is teaching how to play the "harp harmonics". You'll learn tricks and techniques, chords and fingerings to get the wonderful sounds in the style of Lenny Breau, Chet Atkins, Ted Greene and Tommy Emmanuel. Enjoy!


Walking Bass Lines

In this video, Emil explains his concept on how to create a great sounding bass line to your song or arrangement. It's a 20 minute lesson that will walk you through the steps, and you'll also get the detailed TAB/Notation as well! Have fun!


Fingerstyle Basics (FREE)

In this video lesson, Emil explains the basics of fingerstyle guitar, and goes through how to get your thumb independent from your fingers. Click below for all parts of the video. (The video to the left here is just the first part.) All “Fingerstyle Basics” videos are Free!


Folsom Prison Blues (FREE)

This is a step by step lesson, teaching you how to play the popular song Folsom Prison Blues as a wonderful fingerstyle arrangement! The song was written in 1953 by Johnny Cash and first recorded two years later. Enjoy learning this cool arrangement by Emil Ernebro!


One Minute Lessons (FREE)

Check out the “One Minute Lessons” series by Emil at th ProGuitar website! FREE TAB and Notation of all the licks, and the lesson library grows every week! The video to the left here is one of the lessons, but there are many many more! Enjoy!