NEWS 2018!

Hello friends!

This year has been wonderful so far, and I’ve had the opportunity to play a lot and meet a lot of people!

I just got back from Stockholm, where I recorded a new CD together with the Harmonica virtuoso Filip Jers. It was great fun, and I’m really looking forward to play some gigs together with Filip next year. It’s going to be a duo CD, and we play a lot of Jazz but also other stuff and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I’ve also had a few Guitar Bootcamps this year, and I will continue doing those next year as well. I did one in Dalarna (DALAGUITAR) together with the great Adam Rafferty, and we had such a great time playing together. I was also part of his podcast “Fingerstyle Guitar Hangouts”, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested! (Click HERE to listen!)

In January next year I’ll be teaching at the “Guitar Workshop Spain” in Altea, and if you’re interested to join, read more HERE!

Also, check out The Fellowship Of Acoustic event (Workshop) in the Netherlands in July 2019. Two days of GUITAR FUN and I’ll be teaching there as well, read more HERE!

We have a SALE on all the CDs on this website this month, so be sure to pick up a Christmas gift for your friend! Click HERE to buy CDs!

Thank you all so much for the support! - Much love /Emil

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