Driving, driving, driving...

Back home in Gothenburg! I've been traveling a lot over the past few days, and it's been great fun! First, me and my wife Zandra had a wedding gig in Strandebarm, wich is pretty close to Bergen (westcoast) in Norway. We drove from Gothenburg to Strandebarm, and it took us 11 hours! When driving for that long, it is interesting to see how the nature and environment changes. When we started driving, it was 25 degrees celcius and the sun was shining, but after a few hours, up in the Norweigan mountains, it was 2 degrees celcius and a LOT of snow. We were wearing shorts... :) I took a few pictures up on the mountains, and found a small river with absolutely crystal clear water.

When we arrived in Strandebarm, we discovered the church where we were going to play the day after, during the wedding ceremony. Strandebarm was beautiful. A little village in a valley, surrounded by mountains wich still had snow at the top. Waterfalls and small rivers everywhere, and so quiet! 

We had a great time at the gig and the after party, and the day after the wedding, we drove back south to Oslo (7 hours...) where we met up with our good friend Anders Martinsson, who lives there. We went out for a few beers and had some great food! The day after, Anders showed us the theatre where he works - Folketeatret in Oslo. Maybe next time, we'll play a gig there?! :)

Next stop was Karlstad in Sweden, where we met up with my brother Samuel and his soon-to-be wife, Susanna! Had a great time before I drove to Stockholm for another gig together with my good friend Erik Igelström, who is a fantastic mandolin player! We always have such a great time, and the gig was super fun! 

Now, back here in Gothenburg, I tried on my new baseball hat that I got from a guitar student from my website - Scott Haubursin! He didn't like my LA DODGERS hat. He wanted me to have a REAL hat... a GIANTS hat.. So - here I am! Very happy! Thanks Scott! :) Now, back to my guitars for some practice!