Staffan Astner

When I was much younger, I heard his name for the first time. This guitar player named Staffan Astner. Every guitar player that I knew talked about his playing, and I had never heard him play. At least that's what I thought...

Friends and guitar teachers of mine told me about his playing, and so I had to look up some records featuring this guy.. I then realized that I had already heard him on so many records, without even knowing it! Solos that I had heard years earlier and thought; "Man, that's an amazing solo", or "thats' so IN THE POCKET!". It was him all along! Blues records with Louise Hoffsten (one of my favourite Swedish artists) that I grew up listening to... His playing can be heard on many records from big  Swedish artists, but also international artists. A few people who he has worked with live or in the studio: Ray Charles, Celine Dion, Roxette, Eric Bibb, Tommy K├Ârberg and many many more.

Emil and Staffan

His playing has inspired me a lot over the years, and I had the opportunity to meet him a few years back. Not only is he a super player with a great groove, he is also such a nice guy! Staffan tours a lot with another one of my favourite musicians, Eric Bibb, (check him out if you haven't heard him yet... wow what a groove!) and both of them has helped me to reach out by letting me open for them at concerts and talking to their friends about my playing. That's what friends do, and I'm happy to call them both my friends! Staffan is also playing on my first solo cd "Handmade", produced by my mentor, good friend and great guitarist Georg Wadenius.

Staffan is playing with Jerry Williams in Gothenburg tonight, and he stopped by my apartment for a jam and hangout. It felt like we played together for 10 minutes, but it was actually 2,5 hours.. :) We played a lot of songs and traded some licks, wich I'm working on at the moment. Staffan told me that my playing inspired him to start working on fingerpicking, and what an honor to hear from a guitarist who has inspired so many musicians here in Sweden. I might add that quote to my headstone when I die. "Emil Ernebro - Inspired Staffan Astner to play fingerpicking." Anyway, all jokes aside, :) I just wanted to share this with you all and I hope   you'll have a great weekend!

Talk soon, HUGS <3 /Emil

ps. Listen to Staffans playing on the record "Knackebrod Blues" with Louise Hoffsten. Listen to his trio "Bronk" featuring amazing musicians Per Lindvall and Sven Lindvall, and his work with Eric Bibb on the record "Troubadour Live". Also, and early record with Louise Hoffsten called "Blonde". Great guitar work! d.s