NEWS 2018!

Hello friends!

This year has been wonderful so far, and I’ve had the opportunity to play a lot and meet a lot of people!

I just got back from Stockholm, where I recorded a new CD together with the Harmonica virtuoso Filip Jers. It was great fun, and I’m really looking forward to play some gigs together with Filip next year. It’s going to be a duo CD, and we play a lot of Jazz but also other stuff and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I’ve also had a few Guitar Bootcamps this year, and I will continue doing those next year as well. I did one in Dalarna (DALAGUITAR) together with the great Adam Rafferty, and we had such a great time playing together. I was also part of his podcast “Fingerstyle Guitar Hangouts”, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested! (Click HERE to listen!)

In January next year I’ll be teaching at the “Guitar Workshop Spain” in Altea, and if you’re interested to join, read more HERE!

Also, check out The Fellowship Of Acoustic event (Workshop) in the Netherlands in July 2019. Two days of GUITAR FUN and I’ll be teaching there as well, read more HERE!

We have a SALE on all the CDs on this website this month, so be sure to pick up a Christmas gift for your friend! Click HERE to buy CDs!

Thank you all so much for the support! - Much love /Emil

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I've not been writing a lot on the blog lately, but that is mainly because I've been so active on all my other platforms! Let me just tell you a few things that I'm excited about! 

First of all, I'm actually recording a new CD, and this time it's a CHRISTMAS ALBUM! I never thought I'd do this, but then again, many people have told me that I should gather all those fingerstyle Christmas arrangements somewhere, and why not make a CD?! It is so much fun, even if there's now snow in sight yet! ;-)

Also, I'm working on the instagram account: @proguitarofficial, where I share 1 minute lessons and thoughts every week! It is so much fun and so many people seem to like the videos. Thank you all for watching!

I have a SALE on the website until Wednesday the 6th of September, so make sure you have a look at the low prices on my CDs and the instructional videos! :)

I've been playing a lot of gigs this summer, and it has been so much fun. I will record a new EP with the great mandolin player Erik Igelström next week, and I have another tour with the great harmonica player Filip Jers in October! 

Anyway, just wanted to share, and I hope you guys have a great day!

Fun stuff at this Insta-account! Check it out! :)

Fun stuff at this Insta-account! Check it out! :)

New videos coming up...

Hello everyone!

Spring has reached us here in Sweden, and I get more energy from the sun! :)

I've been busy doing gigs and workshops lately, wich has been great fun! This past weekend I was up in Borlänge in Dalarna, here in Sweden, doing the "Dala Guitar" fingerstyl boot-camp! ( What a thrill it was to spend two days together with all those guitarists! Jamming, teaching, eating good food and just having fun! This will probably not be the last boot-camp I do! :)

Here's all the guitarists at the Dala Guitar Boot-Camp! We had such a great time together!

Here's all the guitarists at the Dala Guitar Boot-Camp! We had such a great time together!

Jam at the Dala Guitar Boot-Camp!

Jam at the Dala Guitar Boot-Camp!

I'm back on track, recording some new instructional videos for this website. This time I focus improvisation, wich is a big subject! That's why there will be more than one video, covering different levels, so that everyone hopefully will be able to learn from the videos! Thank you for the continuous support!

Getting some energy from the spring sun in Gothenburg! 

Getting some energy from the spring sun in Gothenburg! 

Have a great day! :)

2016, bring it on!

Happy New Year folks!

I have so many things to look forward to this year.. There's going to be many big changes in my life, and I've been  preparing for some of them this year... :)

First of all, me and my wife Zandra are going to be parents this year! Man, that's a big change, and we can't wait! 

I'm currently in the studio (Twangster Studio) with producer Martin Carlberg recording my second album. This one is going to be featuring some of my own personal favourite musicians as well as solo songs performed by myself. My last record ("Handmade"), I recorded in Oslo in a big studio over a weekend, but this time I want to have more time on each track, treating every song as a "new project". It's a totally different approach compared to the 1st record, but I felt that I wanted to do it in a different way this time around. Stay tuned! :)

This year I'll also work more with my website, and there will be more video lessons and things for all of you to learn from. Since my private lesson schedule was so busy last year, I felt that I wanted to make a change and focus more on other things, this being one of them.

Martin Carlberg and Eric Bibb working in the studio after the session. To the right you can se me and Eric playing live in the studio. I'm in heaven! Playing with one of the true groove masters and one of my all time favourite artists!

Martin Carlberg and Eric Bibb working in the studio after the session. To the right you can se me and Eric playing live in the studio. I'm in heaven! Playing with one of the true groove masters and one of my all time favourite artists!

About gigs:
I'll be doing many different kinds of gigs this year, It will be solo concerts, freelance guitar gigs, duo stuff, clinics/workshops and guitar bootcamps! We have a wonderful new bootcamp called "Dalaguitar" ( ) wich is taking place on the 12-13 of march outside of "Borlänge" in Dalarna, Sweden. The bootcamp is full already, so hopefully we'll manage to do one more (at least) this year. Check out the website! 

I want to wish you all a happy new year, and I hope that you get a great start! :)

Kind regards/ Emil <3



Staffan Astner

When I was much younger, I heard his name for the first time. This guitar player named Staffan Astner. Every guitar player that I knew talked about his playing, and I had never heard him play. At least that's what I thought...

Friends and guitar teachers of mine told me about his playing, and so I had to look up some records featuring this guy.. I then realized that I had already heard him on so many records, without even knowing it! Solos that I had heard years earlier and thought; "Man, that's an amazing solo", or "thats' so IN THE POCKET!". It was him all along! Blues records with Louise Hoffsten (one of my favourite Swedish artists) that I grew up listening to... His playing can be heard on many records from big  Swedish artists, but also international artists. A few people who he has worked with live or in the studio: Ray Charles, Celine Dion, Roxette, Eric Bibb, Tommy Körberg and many many more.

Emil and Staffan

His playing has inspired me a lot over the years, and I had the opportunity to meet him a few years back. Not only is he a super player with a great groove, he is also such a nice guy! Staffan tours a lot with another one of my favourite musicians, Eric Bibb, (check him out if you haven't heard him yet... wow what a groove!) and both of them has helped me to reach out by letting me open for them at concerts and talking to their friends about my playing. That's what friends do, and I'm happy to call them both my friends! Staffan is also playing on my first solo cd "Handmade", produced by my mentor, good friend and great guitarist Georg Wadenius.

Staffan is playing with Jerry Williams in Gothenburg tonight, and he stopped by my apartment for a jam and hangout. It felt like we played together for 10 minutes, but it was actually 2,5 hours.. :) We played a lot of songs and traded some licks, wich I'm working on at the moment. Staffan told me that my playing inspired him to start working on fingerpicking, and what an honor to hear from a guitarist who has inspired so many musicians here in Sweden. I might add that quote to my headstone when I die. "Emil Ernebro - Inspired Staffan Astner to play fingerpicking." Anyway, all jokes aside, :) I just wanted to share this with you all and I hope   you'll have a great weekend!

Talk soon, HUGS <3 /Emil

ps. Listen to Staffans playing on the record "Knackebrod Blues" with Louise Hoffsten. Listen to his trio "Bronk" featuring amazing musicians Per Lindvall and Sven Lindvall, and his work with Eric Bibb on the record "Troubadour Live". Also, and early record with Louise Hoffsten called "Blonde". Great guitar work! d.s


Hello there everyone! 

I was just thinking about influences... Every day I discover something new, that catches my ear.. It can be anything really.. A great solo, a great song or maybe a great musician that I've never heard before.

Influences... Ofcourse, it's all about inspiration. The musician that is your main influence, might be the one who have given you the most inspiration through out the years. There are some records that I always go back to, and that are so strong that they always gets me inspired. If you find an album or a song that makes you inspired everytime you listen to it, then that's a keeper! :)

I thought I'd make a little list of some of my favourite musicians who inspire me.. Not all of them, because that would be the longest most boring blog-post ever.. You'd fall asleep.. and me to...

Here we go!

Jerry Reed - Jerry was one of the greats. Incredible songwriter for the guitar, and had his own way of playing and writing. Wonderful singer, and combined with his thumbpickin' style, he was an amazing entertainer with so much energy and passion! I would recommend listening to his solo work as well as his duo-work with Chet Atkins. Also, you might not know that he has written songs that many other artist recorded. For example, he wrote the song "Guitar Man" that Elvis recorded.. (And Jerry is the guy playing the guitar on the Elvis-track!) He has also written songs that Johnny Cash recorded, and many many instrumentals that Chet Atkins recorded. I learned many banjo-style ideas from listening to Jerry, and I've learned so much from trying to master his songs and arrangements over the years. Endless source of inspiration.

George Benson - There are so many things to say about George Benson. What an incredible talent. I'm a big fan of his older records, especially "Giblet Gravy" and the "George Benson Cookbook". There are so many ideas to find on those records, and I go back to them to learn every month. I get a lot of inspiration listening to George Bensons guitar playing and singing, and he's absolutely one of my favourite musicians on the planet! I love everything he did with Jack McDuff, and I really recommend listening to that stuff if you haven't already! A teacher once told be that a great thing to do is to listen for the stuff you really really like in a solo, and then just learn that. You don't always have to transcribe the whole solo - just pick out the line that really catches your ear, and then learn it in all keys and positions, so that you can use it yourself. I've done that many times on Benson's albums, and it's a great learning technique. Also, some of the solos (for me) are incredibly hard to play, so that might be another reason I learn parts instead of whole solos, haha!

Tommy Emmanuel - In 2004, I first heard this incredible musician and entertainer. I thought: "How is it possible to do all that on a guitar?". Tommy is without a doubt my main influence, since I basically learned to play that style of guitar playing (fingerstyle) through his music. I first met him in 2005, at the Windsor Arts Centre in London. A small theatre, where I did a short interview with him (for a school project) before his show. He was so kind, inviting me and my dad to see the soundcheck too. I remember when he plugged in his guitar and played some notes at the soundcheck. I told my dad: "This is the best guitar sound I've ever heard..". After a few minutes, I realized I had only heard the sound coming from Tommy's monitors on stage! :) The sound guy turned on the PA and it was like a "bloody earthquake", as the english journalist wrote in the press the day after. Tommy made me want to focus on my guitar, and it is because of him that I can make a living teaching and playing gigs. He is my biggest guitar hero and I will keep learning from his incredible guitar playing for the rest of my life. I'm so happy I got to know him, and so happy we stay in touch!

Chet Atkins - I asked Tommy who his influences was, and he mentioned Jerry Reed, Merle Travis and ofcourse Chet Atkins. The older I get the more I want to listen to Chet Atkins. He has recorded so many albums, and in so many different styles of music too. Always steady, and with such musicality, it's no wonder why he is one of the most influential guitarists of all time. After hearing people like Ike Everly and Merle Travis, Chet created his own style and became "Mr. Guitar" in everybodys eyes! Personally, I love the stuff he played in the 40's and early 50's, and I have many cd's that I go back to learn from now and then! Chet influenced so many of my favourite guitar players of today, such as Richard Smith, Doyle Dykes and Tommy Emmanuel.

Jim Nichols - I heard Jim Nichols for the first time at the Chet Atkins Convention in Nashville back in 2007. What I really like about Jim is that he can play you a great fingerstyle arrangement a la Chet Atkins, and go straight into a bebop solo at the highest level. His sense for building a jazz solo is incredible, and he is without a doubt my favourite fingerstyle jazz guy! Check out his solo cd "Jazz and Country", and his duo cd with Tommy Emmanuel titled "Chet Lag" (nowadays it's called "Happy Hour"). Jim is not only a word class guitarist, he is also a really nice guy, with a great sense of humor!! :)

Robben Ford - This guitar player was the one who inspired me to learn more about Jazz. I had been listening to his records for a long time, and always enjoyed his way of blending the Blues with Jazz. I started to transcribe his solos and finally learned a little bit more about Jazz. Robben opened the door into that world for me, I guess... I go back to learn from his playing quite often!  I've had the plesure to see Robben a few times live in concert, and talk about getting inspired! Last time I saw him I got back home and broke two strings right away... and I never break strings! haha :)

Ted Greene - There's not enough words to describe the talent of Ted Greene. His playing was absolutely amazing, and the sounds he made with his telecaster give me goose bumps every time. Also a great educator, Ted wrote many many books that I've studied from too. Many of the great guitar teachers that I have had so far see Ted as one of their favourite educator and guitar player. His cd "Solo Guitar" is a must have for any guitarist. I get inspired just writing about him! :) Check out when he plays "Autumn Leaves" at a clinic at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. It's on YouTube.

Anyway... I could go on forever, but here's a few more musicians and artists that I get inspiration and learn from:

Emily Remler, Brent Mason, Jack Pearson, Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, Charlie Parker, Ronnie Cuber, Joe Pass, Albert Lee, Georg Wadenius, Pete Huttlinger, Wes Montgomery, Diana Krall, Martin Taylor, Richard Smith, Merle Travis, Chet Baker, Tony Rice, Eric Bibb, Leon Rhodes, Lenny Breau and so many more...

Who are your influences and musicians that you get ispiration from? Write a comment below! Have a great day everyone! Hugs from Emil! <3

Busy week!

Hello there fellow guitarpickers!!

Last week was a busy week, but I had so much fun! I spent my Monday and Tuesday in Stockholm recording with my friend and mandolin player extraordinary Erik Igelström, and other Swedish artists like Sofia Karlsson.

Wednesday I had a clinic up in Luleå, wich is in the very north part of Sweden. I took a plane from Arlanda airport and one hour later I was there. There were only guitar teachers in the audience, because it was a day of inspiration arranged just for the guitar teachers up north. Such an honor to be part of that event and to (hopefully) inspire them! We had so much fun!

Thursday I flew down to Karlstad to visit my brother Samuel and his wife Susanna, who lives there. We went out to get some food and had a couple of beers, and it was nice to have a day of! Friday we traveled to Gävle, to play a wedding. Wow what a weekend! So much music and so many friends, and great musicians!! Now I'm back in Gothenburg.

Back to practice! Until soon, /Emil

In the studio!

In the studio!

My friends Mikaela and Jimmy got married! This is from the party! 

My friends Mikaela and Jimmy got married! This is from the party! 

My friends and great musicians playing.. From the left: Erik Igelström, Jens Koch and Christoffer Olsson.

My friends and great musicians playing.. From the left: Erik Igelström, Jens Koch and Christoffer Olsson.

Today's concert!

I had a super fun concert today in Håverud, Sweden! To play in front of people who loves music is the best thing. I haven't been able to practice my guitar over the past 3 days, so I was kind of surprised that my fingers did what I told them to do! :) anyways, hope you all have a great day - love/Emil 


Summer in Sweden!

Lots of things going on right now, and that's why the blog has been quiet over the past few weeks! I'm sitting in a hotel room in rainy Jönköping (Sweden) at the moment, and I finally have some time to let you know what I've been up to! :)

Here in Sweden, we're used to bad weather, and when summer comes everybody is ofcourse hoping for the sun to come out.. This has not been the case this summer at all, but people still go out to listen to live music, wich is good for me! :)

I've been playing quite a lot lately, and I'm happy that there has been a lot of different kinds of gigs so far. Duo gigs, solo gigs, concerts, weddings and more. Below you'll see a picture from a fun duo-concert featuring my wife Zandra! We had such a great time! Also, my brother just got married, so we just had some fun days preparing the wedding and party!

I've also had a friend from Russia visiting us in Gothenburg a couple of weeks ago. His name is Pasha Lychagin, and he's a great guitar player! We've only met on Skype before, (he's been taking som guitar lessons from me) but we've known about each other for a few years. It was great to meet up and we had such a great time! Below you'll see some pictures of us, goofing around as usual. :)

Yesterday I had a concert in Arvika, and had a special guest on stage. His name is Erik Igelström and he's a great mandolin player! We always have such a great time, and the gig was so much fun. The concert hall where we played had such an a amazing "sound", and we both felt so comfortable playing there.. Man, I gotta come back and play there soon again! 

Today I did a Workshop at the SGLS summercourse in Arvika, and the guitar players did a great job! It's so much fun to teach when people are dedicated and wanting to learn more. They were asking a lot of questions, and that's what I like!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Öland, the 2nd bigges island in Sweden, playing a fun gig with the great Georg Wadenius. Georg is my mentor and he is a great guitar player. In Sweden almost everyone knows who he is, and some of you outside of Sweden probably knows him too! He was a member of the band Blood, Sweat and Tears, and he has preformed and/or recorded with artists like Simon & Garfunkel, Luther Vandross, Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin and the list goes on... He was also the guitarplayer in the Saturday Night Live band for a few years, and now he lives in Norway, and he has a lot of different gigs here in Scandinavia. 

Now, I gotta change strings for tomorrows gig!

Hugs from Emil! :)

Driving, driving, driving...

Back home in Gothenburg! I've been traveling a lot over the past few days, and it's been great fun! First, me and my wife Zandra had a wedding gig in Strandebarm, wich is pretty close to Bergen (westcoast) in Norway. We drove from Gothenburg to Strandebarm, and it took us 11 hours! When driving for that long, it is interesting to see how the nature and environment changes. When we started driving, it was 25 degrees celcius and the sun was shining, but after a few hours, up in the Norweigan mountains, it was 2 degrees celcius and a LOT of snow. We were wearing shorts... :) I took a few pictures up on the mountains, and found a small river with absolutely crystal clear water.

When we arrived in Strandebarm, we discovered the church where we were going to play the day after, during the wedding ceremony. Strandebarm was beautiful. A little village in a valley, surrounded by mountains wich still had snow at the top. Waterfalls and small rivers everywhere, and so quiet! 

We had a great time at the gig and the after party, and the day after the wedding, we drove back south to Oslo (7 hours...) where we met up with our good friend Anders Martinsson, who lives there. We went out for a few beers and had some great food! The day after, Anders showed us the theatre where he works - Folketeatret in Oslo. Maybe next time, we'll play a gig there?! :)

Next stop was Karlstad in Sweden, where we met up with my brother Samuel and his soon-to-be wife, Susanna! Had a great time before I drove to Stockholm for another gig together with my good friend Erik Igelström, who is a fantastic mandolin player! We always have such a great time, and the gig was super fun! 

Now, back here in Gothenburg, I tried on my new baseball hat that I got from a guitar student from my website - Scott Haubursin! He didn't like my LA DODGERS hat. He wanted me to have a REAL hat... a GIANTS hat.. So - here I am! Very happy! Thanks Scott! :) Now, back to my guitars for some practice!

Vintage Loft Studio

The other day, I went into a studio called "Vintage Loft Studio" here in Sweden. It may be hard to see in the very questionable pictures below, but this studio is so inspiring to play in! Once you walk into the room, it makes you go "woow..!". Here's a place to be creative, and we were! I played baritone electric guitar, and some acoustics. The song we recorded is written by my wife Zandra, and I'll share it with you ones it's done. The name of the studio owner is Anders Rane, and amazing musician and a super nice and creative guy! Hope to go back to the studio soon!

Nature's got my back...

Although I play a lot here in Sweden, there's still a lot of places I haven't seen. The other day, I drove down to Landskrona, where I've never played before. It was beautiful, in many ways! As you can see in the picture, my backdrop was just a BIG window, and the ocean was right behind me. It felt good.. Like the nature's got my back if I made a mistake! :) I was also happy to see that so many showed up even though it was my first time there. Can't wait to go back and play at "Borstahusen" once again! 

Today, I've spent 7-8 hours transcribing and writing out solos and ideas. New videos coming up, stay tuned!


There's a lot of things that can make you feel inspired. For me, it can be everything from trying a different instrument, to hearing a great song for the first time. 

This old Levin guitar was built in the city where I live (Gothenburg - Sweden) in 1961, and it has a nice warm sound. The old DeArmond pickups (wich they used on Gretsch guitars too) is powerful yet smooth and nice sounding.

There's something about playing an older instrument.. Built 26 years before I was born, it has an interesting "aura" around it wich makes me play in a different way. I guess there's more than one reason for having more than one instrument. It's all about inspiration, wich for me is one of the most important things in life. When I'm inspired, I feel happy. 

Thank you, old guitar! 

New video...

Sunny day in Gothenburg, Sweden! I spend this beautiful day inside, working on a new instructional video! 

This video is made  for the guitar players who has just started out and wants to learn more about the fingerpicking style! 

Stay tuned, the video will be available today!



Thumb picks...

Hi everyone!

I've had some questions about thumb picks, and I just wanted to share with you all wich ones I use. My absolute favourite thumb picks are the "Golden Gate" ones.. I used to use Dunlop, but I find the Golden Gate to fit my thumb better. They are very comfortable and have a great sound. Usually, I'll just file them down just a tiny bit, to get them in the length that I like. If you like the Dunlop thumb-picks, I highly recommend trying the Golden Gate picks. They will not hurt your thumb as much! 

Hope you have a good day!